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    1. How FRESH Will My Order Be?
    Baked within hours of delivery! 
    YES! We Bake It JUST FOR YOU! :) 

    2. What Are Your Delivery Days?
    Tuesday and Thursday are our main delivery days!

    3. What If I Am Not Home?
    Your Box Will Be Placed In The Safest Place Possible! Please Specify If You Have Suggestions!

    4. How Long Does Your Bread Last?
    Well.... It Depends On What Type...

    • Sourdough - Approximately 1 week or a little less...

    • Sandwich Bread - 1 week 

    • Sweet Breads - 1 week

    • Pies - MUST Be Refrigerated - approximately 1-2 weeks

    • Tortillas - MUST Be Refrigerated - approximately 1-2 weeks.

    5. Why Don't You Sell In Most Grocery Stores?
    We Are A Specialty Bakery and Prefer to Deliver Fresh Right to You! 
    This Helps Our Quality to Stay Great and You to Be Happy & Healthy With Our FRESH Bread! :)