Why Non GMO Is Not Enough!! Choose ORGANIC!!

Yes NON-GMO is important, we agree!

Non-GMO only states that your food does not contain GMO (genetically modified organisms) That's great and super important, but it's not enough for our family!!

Non GMO May Still Have Some Or All of the Following:

*Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives

*Toxic Persistent Pesticides, (can be linked to lymphoma & leukemia)

*Roundup Herbicides, (can be linked to kidney disease, breast cancer & birth defects)

*Ingredients laced with residues from the neurotoxin Hexane

*Sewage Sludge, Human Waste Contaminated with endocrine disruptors & heavy metals

*Ractopamine drug residues (banned in dozens of countries)

Organic Certification Does Not Allow Any of These!! It's Worth the Extra Paperwork for Our Family & Yours!!

Check Out Our Blog: 

Buy Real. Buy Organic. Vote With Your Dollars!

Our Family Chooses Above Organic!

Our family goes the extra mile with our food choices!! There's more things to consider such as:

Glyphosate FREE: (Our Wheat is tested)

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Natural Flavors - We WILL NOT USE!!

Check out our Blog: Why Our Family Won't Use Natural Flavors Ever! 


Thank you so much for choosing THE BEST for your family!! We LOVE Baking For You!!

- The Brunos



William Christy

William Christy

Just received my first order of whole grain sprouted sourdough and had to pull a slice out before freezing. YUM! I’ll definitely be buying more. The way you guys think about how you operate and what you won’t put in your products is totally in line with my thinking. Keep up the great work!



Your family business is a rare jewel. It’s tough to find companies that put the care and time into doing things right!! Thank you for creating delicious and healthy real food that will benefit our family’s health, rather than causing health problems. Your products are a blessing!

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