Our Baking & Delivery Schedule

We are still running as usual. Here’s a quick refresh on our schedule!

All orders placed by Sunday at midnight are baked and shipped Monday!

All orders placed by Tuesday at midnight are baked and shipped Wednesday!

All local deliveries are made Tuesday and Thursday.  

We bake and ship all orders within the same day to be sure you get the freshest bread possible!

How Do You Have The Sourdough Ready?

This is a question we were asked recently. We have the sourdough started days before baking ahead of time. We over estimate what we will need to try to be sure we can fill all orders! 

Sometimes we can fill same day orders and we do if we have enough from that day's baking! Please do not hesitate to call us if you need an order right away! 

We also welcome any early orders. If you don't need your order for a couple weeks but want to place it ahead of time, you simply need to specify in your comments when you need it delivered by and we will bake/ship it accordingly. 

Thank you so much for choosing our family's bakery! Stay safe and healthy!! 

The Brunos
Organic Bread of Heaven



Susan Kornblut

Susan Kornblut

Delicious bread just received today will order again from you.Hard to find healthy bread around here since the grocery store shelves seem to be stripped of bread first even in my small town .



Love the bread!! I’m only sorry I haven’t found it sooner!!!
Delivery is quick. Thank you

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