Does Bread Make Me Fat? - Some Fun Facts From Our Family!

A New Year!... A great time to start on the right track and get some good healthy habits for your family, Right?! 

There are so many opinions on bread and baked goods in general. Yes, we agree that you should never eat bread that is not made properly!! From being full of dough conditioners, to having added gluten (even in Sprouted Bread), there are so many reasons it is hard to find good quality bread!... Yet bread is such a vital part of our diet, isn't it?...

We get so many questions, so we thought we'd sum up our family's experience in one fun blog post! 

Do you eat your baked goods?

This is a common question. Then the next is... How can you eat all of this and be so thin? To be honest, you might be surprised, but we eat a LOT of bread!! Our family has taken an average of our meals to find that we eat an average minimum of 5 servings of baked goods a day per person. This number ranges up to 12 servings of baked goods, especially on busy days! YES, we love baked goods too! That's why we only use the highest quality ingredients, so we can bring the same to your family! We don't make ANYTHING we won't eat.

What Are Your Family's Favorites?

About 80% of what our family consumes in baked goods is Sourdough! We LOVE Sourdough. We believe Sourdough is ultimately the most perfect bread you can get! From the phenomenal way that the gluten is broken down during the process to the awesome taste of FRESH old-fashioned delicious Sourdough, we love it ALL! 

Fun Facts From Our Family

You may also be wondering... How can you stay thin and eat that much bread?! To show you, we have included our weights below so you can see for yourself!...

Left to Right as pictured:

Judah - 118
Jeremiah - 134
Benjamin - 150
Mom - 113
Dad - 153
Mary - 108
Jessica - 98
Abigail - 103

So Does Good Bread Make You Fat?

Well, it hasn't for our family!! We also eat 100% organic fresh fruits and vegetables in two well-balanced family meals. What has your experience been with Organic Bread of Heaven? We'd LOVE to hear your story!! Whether you are dieting, gluten sensitive, couldn't eat bread before our bakery, have food allergies, or just flat out love good bread, we want to hear what you think!! Don't forget you can also enter our video contest with a quick video telling us what you think to win $50!

We love baking for you!! Stay up to date with all our blog posts this year!! We hope you have just as much fun reading them as we do writing them! 

The Brunos






I have issues with indigestion when eating breads or other baked goods. The acid reflux and the feeling of something sitting in my stomach can last for a few days. With your bread I don’t feel that way, and it has allowed me to change my relationship with bread. Before I used to avoid all bread, and now I love eating bread! I enjoy all of the sourdough options, the rustic bread, the English muffins, and the bagels.

Marcella Burney

Marcella Burney

I am so glad that you addressed the misconception and generalization that “bread makes you fat”. As you point out, there is far more involved in maintaining a healthy weight, and overall good health than eating bread. As far as that goes though, eating bread of the high quality that you provide is both a pleasure and a comfort. I eat almost exclusively sourdough, which is delicious and very good for you! I, too, eat only organic fruits and vegetables, and small farm raised grass fed meats. We need to feel good, not “guilty” about the food we take into our bodies and we need to enjoy nourishing ourselves! I am so grateful that eating your fine products has made all of this possible in the realm of baked goods.



Thank you for this blog. I have not researched gluten & sourdough so I learned something important today. I love your bread products, including deserts. They are exceptional. I’m 78, so I’ve experienced many. Yours are the best so far. Moisture is important to me as well as taste & density. Your pastries are far above any bakery items I’ve indulged in. Truthfully. Question: Is it best to consume your breads & pastries that are sourdough based?
Thank you.

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